How to Prepare Your Home for an Elderly Relative to Move In

How to Prepare Your Home for an Elderly Relative to Move In

How to Prepare Your Home for an Elderly Relative to Move In

Are you concerned about the health of your elderly parents as they age? Many family members assume the responsibility of caregivers to their elderly loved ones so they can assist with daily chores and responsibilities around the house. When health begins to decline as your loved one’s age, you may want to step in and have them move into your home to make caregiving responsibilities easier. As professionals in home health care in Philadelphia, PA, we understand the toll this can take but know that you are giving back to those who have cared for you all these years. To prepare your home for their arrival, make sure that you take care of a few things first.

Talk to Your Family

Before your loved ones move in, you need to communicate with your family about how your daily lifestyle will change. Talk about new responsibilities that everyone will have and discuss ways to keep your loved ones safe and comfortable. Although everyone will likely be happy about the arrival of family, you still need to talk about ways to keep them healthy in your care. This conversation should be one of the first things to occur when you start preparing for them to arrive.

Evaluate Their Needs

Before they move in, you need to make sure that you are capable of providing the caregiving they need. Do they require medical assistance? Do they need help with daily tasks, like bathing and walking? Before you prepare your home for them, you need to know what they need to ensure that your house and your family can provide that. When you need assistance to care for their everyday or medical needs, you may want to consider hiring some home health care in Philadelphia, PA. You can spend more time with them while the professionals take care of some of the jobs that you may not be able to fulfill.

Make Renovations

Your loved one may need certain accommodations that your home needs.  For example, you may need to install shower rails to maintain their safety while they bathe. You also may need to construct a wheelchair ramp in the front yard so they can gain access to the door. These small changes will need to be made before they arrive, so make any necessary changes to keep them safe and comfortable in your home.

Make Space

Not everyone has plenty of extra space waiting for loved ones to move into their home. Take some time to declutter your home and make room for them. This may involve moving your kids into the same room so your loved ones can take one of their bedrooms, or it may mean clearing out the home office and creating a bedroom space. When you make room before they arrive, you can make it a much smoother and more welcoming stay for them.

If you are looking for quality care to help with your loved ones as they deal with the challenges of aging, contact the team at Empire Home Health Care to hear how we can help today.

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