Five Tips to Help Seniors Prepare for Downsizing Their Home

Five Tips to Help Seniors Prepare for Downsizing Their Home

Five Tips to Help Seniors Prepare for Downsizing Their Home

Downsizing is a good idea for many aging seniors. As their lives change, so do their needs. When aging, they will want to live in homes with less rooms to clean, less stairs to climb, and less clutter to walk around. As a company that offers home health care in Philadelphia, PA, we have seen the benefits of downsizing for many seniors, especially those with mobility challenges. However, preparing to downsize can be a difficult, emotional process. These are a few tips to help you prepare your senior for downsizing their home.

Take Your Time to Organize Before the Move

When you are preparing to move, you should organize everything into boxes or bins.  Start with stuff that you will be taking to your apartment.  These should only be items that you will need or that you want to keep.  Also, make a basket that is designated for items that you can try to sell secondhand.  The next bin should contain items that are good for donating.  Finally, you will also want a bin designated for garbage for dirty items that cannot be repurposed.

Host a Yard Sale

Before you move, you should host a yard sale to sell any furniture, large items, or items you no longer need.  Advertise for your yard sale so that you can draw a large crowd that is interested in secondhand items.  This will help you make some money and get rid of stuff that you no longer have room for or no longer need once you move.

Donate What You Can

Once you have realized all the items that you no longer need or want, you can donate them.  Take them to a local shelter to help individuals in need or take them to a thrift shop so they can make money for charities.  When you donate items, you no longer need, someone else will be able to benefit from them.  It is truly a great way to help others and prevent additional waste.

Pack Only What You Need

When you downsize, you will want to take only the essentials.  After you have taken the time to organize everything in your current home, you will be able to see what you truly need to survive.  These will be household basics, like kitchenware and clothing.  You will also want to make sure to bring any sentimental items that add personal touches to your new place as well.

Ask for Help

Even though you are preparing to downsize your home, you still want to enlist the help of friends and family. It is safer to trust others to move heavy items when you need to move into a new home to prevent any accidents, trips, or falls. When you move out of your home, you will also want an emotional support group there as you say goodbye.

As you downsize, you want to prepare for the challenges of aging and be realistic about the needs of your life. If you need assistance with home health care in Philadelphia, PA, contact our team to hear about our range of services today.

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