Eight Home Health Care Service Types

Eight Home Health Care Service Types

Eight Home Health Care Service Types

A significantly wide spectrum of home health care services are available for patients. The available assistance can differ by circumstances and often vary from nursing care to specialized assistance like laboratory testing. It is up to you and your physician to select a care strategy and help you may need at home. Experts suggest these kinds of services that might be obtainable for home health care in Philadelphia, PA.

Pharmaceutical services

Medical supplies and medication can be delivered to your house. For instance, pharmacy attendants can provide a patient with training on operating equipment or taking prescriptions, including intravenous treatment.

Nutritional support

A dietician visiting a patient's house can enhance recommendations and dietary appraisals to support a patient's treatment strategy.

X-ray and laboratory imaging

Home health care companies often permit lab technicians to come and do specific lab testing like urine or blood tests. In addition, the benefit of mobile x-ray machines makes it feasible for x-rays to be taken at home.

Home health aides

Home health aides often assist patients with fundamental personal demands like dressing, bathing, walking, and getting out of bed. In addition, many assistants experience specialized training and can help with other specialized care assistance under a nurse's supervision.

Medical social services

A medical social worker might visit to your residence to deliver various services, including finding community resources to assist with recovery or patient counseling. In some circumstances, these social workers are also a patient's case manager if the medical circumstances are highly complex or require the coordination of numerous different services.

Therapy services

Many patients may require assistance enhancing their speech or relearning how to complete daily tasks after an illness or injury. For instance, with the support of a physical therapist, providers can form a plan to support a patient in strengthening the usage of muscles and joints or regaining mobility. On the other hand, an occupational therapist has the training to assist patients with emotional, physical, social, or developmental disabilities to relearn daily operations like bathing, dressing, dining, and much more. In addition, enhancing damaged speech and recovering the capacity to speak clearly may be supplied by a speech therapist.


Nursing care is the most familiar form of home health care service. If you need nursing assistance, a registered nurse will work with your physician to arrange a care plan. Nursing care can incorporate pain control, broad health monitoring, intravenous treatment, prescription management, ostomy maintenance, and wound bandaging, leaning on your circumstances. Nursing care in a home health care environment also incorporates many other arrangements of health support.

Doctor visits

If a patient has a disability or an ailment that induces limited mobility, doctors may visit them at home to diagnose or treat illnesses. They may also make routine visits to the house to revisit the patient's health care needs.

Home health care in Philadelphia, PA, offers patients the leeway to still maintain some independence and live at home rather than in a clinic environment. Call us today for more details.

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