5 Qualities of a Great Home Health Aide

5 Qualities of a Great Home Health Aide

5 Qualities of a Great Home Health Aide

Are you looking for in-home care for your elderly loved one? Do you worry that you will choose the wrong person for the job? When you are hiring home health care in Philadelphia, PA, you want to trust that they have the education, qualifications, and personality to care for your loved ones. These are just a few of the important qualities you want to look for in a home health care aide. 

Empathy and Compassion

As a home health care aide, you must work with patients with acute disabilities, chronic disorders, neuroticism, and some age-related problems. Commonly, your role is to empathize with their situations and problems. Patients are often emotionally disturbed by their illnesses; therefore, sympathizing is more powerful. This way, your client will feel alone by having an empathetic HHA.

Furthermore, empathy takes towards compassion that will build trust between you and your client with time. When you introduce them to similar interests, your visits will be more pleasurable for them. So, empathy and compassion equally make you a quality HHA.


Assisting others with chronic illness or disabled patients requires a lot of patience. It would be best to stay calm to control yourself while dealing with clients. For example, most of your clients may come with limited motor skills and need your help moving in their daily lives. Then your patience will help you to stay calmer and encourage you to spend with them without hassle.

Communication Skills

Communication skills will aid you greatly when dealing with clients in every field. It would help if you were an expert in expressing your opinions after listening to others and responding clearly and easily. Listen to your patient care and make them think you care about them.

In addition, good communicating skills let you to response their concerns and communicate them. If you lack certain skills, you can join classes to practice them effectively.

Be Insightful

You need to be insightful about your client’s situation and consider how every little transformation is important. As you see your patience daily life routine, you have a perceptive of what is their normal situation. Whenever change begins, you should make an in-depth note of their warning alarms.

For instance, you observe that your client starts to stay awake at night and become a little moody. As a good HHA, you will report these minor changes instead of ignoring them.

Be Able to Multitask

Being responsible for HHA is crucial as your client entirely depends on you to process their daily life activities. So, you must arrive on time and complete all your assigned roles on time and a specific day. Even if you are not there or coming late, you should be responsible enough to call your patient and make aware them of each scenario particularly, when your patients can't perform their daily tasks without you. This way, when you show more concern and responsibility towards them, they will trust you more.

When you want to hire the best possible care for your loved ones, trust the team at Empire Home Heath Care in Philadelphia, PA. We have the expertise and skillset to care for your elderly loved ones as if they are our own. To learn more about our home health care services, contact us today!

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