4 Signs a Senior Needs Home Health Assistance

4 Signs a Senior Needs Home Health Assistance

4 Signs a Senior Needs Home Health Assistance

Over the next four decades, the number of seniors in the US is expected to at least double. Most people have seniors in their lives or will have soon and may need to decide about their care. Many options are available for senior care, including home health aides, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and retirement communities. If you want to help preserve the independence, comfort, and lifestyle of a senior you love, then a home health aide is an excellent choice. Our experts on home health care in Philadelphia, PA, discuss the signs that you may need home health assistance.

You have probably already noticed some signs that a senior you care for is headed toward a part of their life where they will need professional assistance to maintain their lifestyle and comfort. While specific signs can vary depending on the situation, you might have noticed a few of these common signs that your loved one may need home care help:

Physical pain and fatigue

Your loved one may struggle to maintain their regular physical activity, or even adjusted activity, that they have grown accustomed to. For example, they may get tired quickly when walking or standing, have trouble being comfortable when sitting down, or express more discomfort than usual during any activity. These are all early signs that it may be time to consider a home health care partnership.

Limited or reduced attention to daily care

If you discover that a senior you care about neglects routine care, like doing their laundry, cleaning their house, brushing their teeth, or bathing, help is probably in order. Home health care assistance varies widely, and there are options to help your loved one better manage their daily routine without losing their independence.

Expressing concern about independence or health

Sometimes caretakers do not have to initiate the conversation about home health assistance. Instead, seniors often begin to frequently express their worries about their general health or independence. Listen to them, and be attentive and caring. You can help them understand that home care services are a perfect way to help manage their health concerns and keep much of their independent spirit. Besides, everyone needs help sometimes, so it is not something to be ashamed about.

Trouble managing medication

Most people have medications to maintain, and they tend to get more complicated as they age. If a senior loved one has trouble managing their medications, their health is probably at risk. It is essential that they keep up with dosages and stick to their prescribed schedules. These issues can be easily managed with home care assistance. However, rapid intervention is necessary to keep them as healthy as possible and help them maintain a certain level of independence.

These are a few signs that your senior loved one may need home care assistance. If they are scared to lose their independence, try to help them understand that home care is really just an extended support system to help them maintain it. Let them know that things may worsen quickly without the extra help, leading to the need for more limiting options like nursing home facilities or assisted living communities. Helping them understand that home care assistance is the best way to avoid independence loss might make a difference. Contact us today if you need home health care in Philadelphia, PA. We are here to help.

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