3 Ways for Home Care Companies to Improve Their Workforce

3 Ways for Home Care Companies to Improve Their Workforce

3 Ways for Home Care Companies to Improve Their Workforce

It would be best to have an engaged workforce to have the finest quality of care. Our expert on home health care in Philadelphia, PA, offers these ways to increase caregiver satisfaction and decrease turnover:

Support your staff’s educational goals

Many employees in today's workforce leave jobs due to lacking career development. Employers should consider offering courses aligned to accreditations that deepen and strengthen the expertise of their teams. Do not forget that empowered employees deliver a better standard of care and produce better outcomes. Though home care aides do not require healthcare training, it may be exciting for your employees to have certifications to add to their resumes. In many cases, home healthcare employees will view the opportunity to increase their skills as a great reason to stay with your agency.

Supporting your staff's growth is cost-effective. It helps with employee career paths, so your best caregivers will find more opportunities for advancement with their roles. In addition, it will lower the cost of hiring and sourcing new employees. Finally, offering your employees the possibility of growth will build trust in your company and encourage them to stick around.

Gamify your employee’s experience

The tech industry has embraced the concept of gamification, incentivizing activities and engagement to drive results. The genius of gamification comes from offering big ambitions broken into smaller steps while celebrating successes along the way. Caregiver duties are often repetitive and can affect job satisfaction, performance, productivity, and morale over time. Caregivers are more likely to comply with tasks and documentation when rewarded for doing so. Then, those rewards can be used toward other compensations, like a bonus entry into a company-sponsored drawing. You can help break the monotony by transforming daily tasks into fun challenges with rewards at stake.

Without gamification, your staff will log their notes from patient meetings without any level of excitement or satisfaction. But routine duties are more exciting and satisfying if their notes count for tickets toward a raffle for a spa day or a bonus. So, caregivers will feel encouraged to do their work more frequently and thoroughly.

Listen to your employees

Most employees wish their companies offered employee engagement surveys more often. Caregivers desire to make their voice heard, but employers often limit their opportunity to do so. Welcoming feedback from your employees can go a long way toward improving morale in the workplace. While periodic reviews and complaint boxes can draw great suggestions, programs like Home Care Pulse send out frequent surveys to caregivers and clients. These surveys gather and analyze survey results through an automated system, reducing the time it would take office employees to assess areas needing improvement and comb through notes manually. Pulsing can be conducted by app or through email. Because they are anonymous, they help your employees tell the truth without hesitation. When you listen to your employees and seek to recognize and address their concerns and needs, you will strengthen your company and offer greater satisfaction for your workforce.

These are just a few ways home care companies can improve and empower their employees. Contact us today if you need home health care in Philadelphia, PA. We are here for you!

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