What You Need to Understand about Dementia

What You Need to Understand about Dementia

What You Need to Understand about Dementia

Do you have a relative that is suffering from dementia?  Watching your loved ones struggle with memory loss can be painful for anyone involved, as they are frequently looking for brief moments of clarity and reminders that not everything has been forgotten.  Dementia, however, is much more than just memory loss.  As professionals working in home health care in Philadelphia, PA, we help many families cope with loved ones suffering from dementia.  There are a few things that you'll want to understand about dementia when you have a loved one living with the illness.

Communication is Difficult

Dementia has negative effects on the ability to communicate, through speech, writing, and reading.  Your loved ones may have difficulty searching for the right words to explain how they are feeling or to answer the questions you are asking.  A caregiver may want to give your relatives visual cues, talk slowly, or use gestures to help them understand the conversation or questions being asked.

Motor Skills Decrease

In addition to the declining of communication, motor skills will also diminish with dementia.  You may notice that your loved ones have started to walk slower, stand up with more difficulty, and perform basic tasks with extra care.  When you notice these decreased motor skills, remove any additional hazards from their home to protect them from trips, slips, and falls.

Attention Spans Diminish

Are you having difficulty keeping your loved one's attention for a long period of time?  Dementia also causes a decrease in attention span, as it becomes more difficult to focus for long periods of time.  They may even forget the task they are doing in the middle of actually doing it.  Take the time to explain things slowly without overwhelming or overstimulating them.  Break down larger goals into smaller tasks so they can be explained as you go through the process.

Judgment is Impaired

Your loved ones that are suffering from dementia may also have difficulty with solving problems or making decisions.  This impaired judgment can make them vulnerable to missing payments on their bills, skipping medications, and forgetting about basic household responsibilities.  Over time, this can cause much more harm, and it will need to be monitored to ensure the full safety of your loved ones.

Personality May Change

Dementia can also alter a person's personality.  You may notice them becoming easily frustrated by simple changes in their routine, depressed over life circumstances, or even fearful to try new things and get out of their comfort zones.  Take notice of any major personality changes and offer support to help them get through their new normal.

These are just a few facts about dementia that can help you better understand how to cope with and learn about its effects.  When you are struggling to cope with a loved one that is battling dementia, you may want to hire the help of our professionals in home health care in Philadelphia, PA.  Contact us to hear about our quality health care services today.


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