Three Steps to Take to Prevent Trips and Falls for Seniors

Three Steps to Take to Prevent Trips and Falls for Seniors

Three Steps to Take to Prevent Trips and Falls for Seniors

Do you have a loved one that struggles to get around their home?  Are you making adjustments to your elderly relative's home after they have suffered from a trip or fall?  When seniors trip and fall, they can be extremely injured, which can have long term effects on their health, mobility, and general well-being.  This can eventually require home health care in Philadelphia, PA to perform their household tasks and take care of their health.  To keep your loved ones as safe as possible, there are a few steps you can take to prevent trips and falls in your senior's home.

Renovate the Bathroom

With the presence of water, the bathroom area is one of the most common places in the house that present falling hazards.  You can make a few adjustments to keep them safe from tripping on puddles or slipping on the smooth tiles.  Add a non-slip mat to the bottom of the tub or shower to provide traction.  Also, install grab bars in the shower and above the toilet so that your loved ones can have assistance with sitting and standing.  A shower seat is also a great idea for those that have trouble standing for a long period of time.

Fix the Stairs

Stairs are also a major hazard for loved ones that are aging.  If it is not possible to move into a single-level home, you can do a few things to make sure they do not trip when they are walking up or down the staircases in their house.  Keep the stairs clear of any clutter, such as clothes or other household items.  Place slip-resistant pads on each stair to avoid slipping on the treads.  If your loved ones struggle with their mobility, you may want to install a stair lift to prevent any falling possibilities on the stair.

Declutter the Home

Removing tripping hazards from the entire home is essential when you have an elderly relative.  As you walk through their house, remove any potential hazards by keeping them hidden and organized.   This includes electrical cords, furniture, clothes, and other items that may be out of place.  Clear the walkways so that there is plenty of space to walk.  These areas should always be kept organized and decluttered to avoid any accidents that could happen if your loved ones trip over something they didn't expect to be there.

These are just a few of the steps you should take to prevent trips and falls in the homes of your senior loved ones.  When you take these precautions, you reduce the risk that they will damage their weak bones and joints, compromising their mobility for months or even years to come.  If you find yourself in need of extra help to care for your relatives, contact Empire Home Health Care in Philadelphia, PA to hear about our home health services today.


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