How Alzheimers Can Affect the Whole Family

How Alzheimers Can Affect the Whole Family

How Alzheimers Can Affect the Whole Family

Has one of your loved ones recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease?  Alzheimer’s is one of the more difficult illnesses to cope with, because it involves deterioration of the memory.  This can eventually lead to loss of memory, inability to remember basic care, and the need for a full-time caregiver.  These are some of the ways that Alzheimer’s can affect the entire family.

Changes Relationship Dynamics

Alzheimer’s can change relationship dynamics within a family in an instant.  Many people are ready for the challenge of also becoming a caregiver and assisting with your loved one’s care.  However, it may be more difficult, or even not possible, for others to handle.  They may have a demanding work schedule, or they may just be uncomfortable all around.  This can change the dynamics of your relationships with not only the one who is suffering, but others in your family as well.

Causes Emotional Distress

When you are caring for someone that is suffering from Alzheimer’s, it can take a large emotional toll.  You may have the same conversations multiple times in one sitting, and you may bring up memories that they can no longer recall.  Not only will it be stressful to get them to perform everyday habits, but it will also be difficult to have conversations about good times you’ve had with that relative.

May Lead to Conflict

Unfortunately, an Alzheimer’s diagnosis can cause conflict within members of the family.  When you are already stressed and emotional about the reality you are now facing, you will need to discuss many issues like care and treatment for your loved ones.  These conversations may become heated, as everyone will have an opinion that may be different.  To handle conflict during stressful situations, be sure that you focus on what is most important and hear all sides of the argument before making your choices.

With the right guidance and support, Alzheimer’s can strengthen some family bonds.

Even though all the above changes may be for the worse, there are positive impacts that a medical diagnosis may have on the family.  It can bring them closer together and strengthen bonds that maybe were not as strong before.  This is especially true when you have the right support and care in place for your loved ones.  Our home health care in Philadelphia, PA allows you to focus on spending quality time with your loved ones without having to worry about all their safety and medical care.

When you have a loved one that is suffering form Alzheimer’s, you may have to deal with some of these issues at one point or another.  This will start a journey that may have never prepared for or expected in your life.  When you are feeling overwhelmed or confused about how to care for your loved ones, contact our experts in home health care in Philadelphia, PA to hear about our quality services today.

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