Four Tips for Managing Your Medications

Four Tips for Managing Your Medications

Four Tips for Managing Your Medications

Have you been prescribed to take multiple medications, vitamins, or supplements on a daily basis?  Do you have difficulty keeping track of your medications and the time you need to take them each day?  Having a tough time reminding yourself to take your medications can be damaging to your overall health, as missing doses of important medicines can be detrimental to your treatment plan.  As caregivers that work in home health care in Philadelphia, PA, we understand the importance of medication management for our seniors.  When you are concerned whether your elderly loved ones are taking their daily pills, you will want to implement these helpful tips into their lifestyle.

Use the Same Pharmacy for all Medications

When you go to the doctor, be sure that you communicate the information about your preferred pharmacy each time.  In fact, most doctors and medical services will keep your pharmacy information on file so that you don't have to remember this each time.  Keeping all of your medications at the same pharmacy will make it much easier for you when it comes time to pick up medications or to refill any once they are empty.

Use a Pill Dispenser

Pill dispensers are also helpful in keeping your medications organized to ensure that you never miss a dose.  When you have elderly relatives that take many medications, you will want to invest in a pill dispenser for them to keep track of their medications.  Once a week, you will need to fill their pill dispenser with each day's medications.  Often times, these dispenser have spaces for both morning and evening pills, which helps to remind your loved ones when to take their meds.

Set Reminders

Reminders and alarms are another simple way to manage multiple medications, especially when you need to take them at different intervals each day.  Consider setting some alarms to remind your loved ones when it is time for them to take their medications.  Alert them of the sound they can expect, what that sound means, and how to turn off the alarm once they've taken the medications.  By setting a physical reminder, you ensure that even the most forgetful person will remember to take their medicine.

Learn about the Effects of Your Medications

Teach your loved ones about the side effects of their medications so they understand what to expect.  When your elderly loved ones first take a new medication, they may experience unpleasant or even uncomfortable side effects, which may deter them from continuing on their course of treatment.  However, when they are informed of what to expect, they will be less surprised.

These are just a few tips that you can implement to ensure that your loved ones are managing their medications each day.  Failure to take medications can have negative results on their health, even causing them to regress with their illnesses.  If you are worried about the care your elderly loved ones are receiving, it may be time to consider hiring the help of professionals in their home.  Contact Empire Home Health Care in Philadelphia, PA to hear about our range of quality services today.

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