Four Steps to Take When an Older Relative Needs Help

Four Steps to Take When an Older Relative Needs Help

Four Steps to Take When an Older Relative Needs Help

Are you concerned about the health and safety of your aging loved ones that live independently?  Do you struggle with taking care of your elderly loved one by yourself?  Even if you need to have a tough conversation with your relatives to let them know that it is time to make a change and get them the help they need, you will want to take the steps to do so.  With the help of our home health care in Philadelphia, PA, you can give your loved ones the support they need to stay safe and healthy without relocating to a new home.  These are a few steps to talk to your older relatives about getting help.

Determine the Urgency

Does your loved one need help immediately?  Can you take your time in getting them help?  Before you jump into things, you need to determine the urgency of your helping hands.  If you need to hire someone quickly, you may want to start the process as soon as you can so that you can still choose the right match for your needs.

Talk to Them

Sit down with your relative to talk about the next steps you are taking.  Be sure that you listen to their concerns and talk to them about your reasons for bringing in help.  By assuring them that they will still be a priority in their lives, you can quell any anxiety they may have about not getting to see you as often anymore.  Often, they enjoy their routine, so you will want to provide them with the information they need to know that their health and safety is your number one concern.

Write Down Their Needs

Before you hire the right help for your needs, you need to identify them.  Write down a list of all your concerns related to health, safety, lifestyle, and living conditions.  If they need help with daily responsibilities, like cooking and cleaning, or if they need reminders to take their medication, these are all need to be written down to make sure you get the help you need to address all the concerns.

Focus on their Progress and Health

When you are talking to them about getting help, you need to make sure that the focus on the conversation is about their health.  By making it about spending time with them or enjoying more time with your family, you will take the focus away from the real issue that needs addressed.  

These are a few of the important steps you will want to take to help an older relative get the help they truly need.  When they are resistant to change or have a difficult time admitting they need help, you will need to be there to reassure them what is best for their health and quality of life.  Contact Empire Home Health Care in Philadelphia, PA for more help initiating this conversation with your loved ones today.

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