Five Tips to Prevent Further Injury in the Independent Elderly

Five Tips to Prevent Further Injury in the Independent Elderly

Five Tips to Prevent Further Injury in the Independent Elderly

Are you one of the primary caregivers for your elderly relatives?  Do you worry about your elderly relatives that live at home independently?  Caring for aging relatives can be challenging and time-consuming, as you will want to do everything you can to ensure they are healthy and safe despite their illness or disabilities.  When you work with a company for home health care in Philadelphia, PA, you will be able to trust that your loved ones are being taken care of.  Their health and safety is our number one priority.  Even though we take great care of your relatives, there are still a few things that you can do to be proactive in helping them avoid injury in their homes.

Keep Moving

Even though you may have a tough time getting around, you should still encourage your body to stay active and move.  This doesn't always mean that you have to endure difficult exercises, but you should implement simple movements to keep your muscles from atrophying and keep your body strong enough to perform simple tasks.  

Remove Hazards

Take the time to look around your home and remove any hazards that could cause an accident.  Make sure that you have a clear path to walk around your home safely.  Avoid clutter, keep furniture far apart, and get rid of any unnecessary items to leave more room for your movement.  If you use any walking aids, like canes or walkers, be sure that you have enough clearance to walk through your home with these aides as well.  Being proactive is one of the best ways to avoid injuries.

Use Assistive Devices and Walking AIdes

Many people refuse help or assistance, but this can actually be more catastrophic to your health than anything.  Don't be afraid to use assistive devices, like canes, walkers, or even call buttons.  These can provide you with more stability so that any accidents can be prevented.  They can also reduce the stress you are placing on your body, which can result in keeping yourself healthier longer.  

Install Adjustments in Your Home

Consider making some changes to your home so that you can get around much easier.  If you have the financial means to do so, you may want to consider placing all of your necessary rooms on one level to avoid any stairs.  If you need to do stairs, you can install a chair lift to help you get up and down.  Install bars and handles in your shower or tub so that you can stand and sit while bathing.  These simple adjustments can prevent accidents that can be easy to encounter while doing simple tasks at home.

Ask for Help

In order to trust that your elderly relatives are safe in their home, you may want to consider hiring help.  Individuals that work in home health care in Philadelphia, PA can ensure that your loved ones are getting the attention and care they need to stay safe and healthy while still staying comfortable in their own homes.

These are a few tips to help you keep your elderly relatives safe at home, especially when they are battling mobility issues already.  To keep them safe and healthy, consider hiring help or home health care in Philadelphia, PA to alleviate some of the responsibilities.  Contact us to hear about our range of home health care services today.

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