Five Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors

Five Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors

Five Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors

Are you concerned that your loved ones are getting enough nutrition in their diet when they are living independently?  When you are not there to monitor the food that your elderly relatives are eating, you may be concerned that they are not eating enough or that they are lacking specific nutrients in their diet.  As you age, you require more diligence to your diet to maintain all the minerals and vitamins needed to support your health.  These are a few healthy eating tips that seniors should follow.

Increase Their Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh plants provide the best minerals, vitamins, fiber, and nutrients for our bodies.  Focus on increasing the amount of fresh produce that your elderly loved ones are eating.  Stock their fridge with prepared meals so that it is easy for them to get these nutrients without the hassle of wasting food or washing and preparing the produce on their own.

Focus on Lunch

Many seniors are too tired to deal with making a large dinner.  For this reason, you should place a larger emphasis on eating a well-balanced and large lunch.  When they eat their biggest meal in the middle of the day, they will have time to digest their food before they rest for the night.  This can alleviate sleep problems that may develop from poor digestion.

Get Them a Water Bottle

Hydration is another essential aspect of their diet.   Make sure that your elderly relatives have access to fresh water, low-sugar juices, or other healthy beverages throughout the day so that they avoid becoming lightheaded or fainting from dehydration.  Get them a water bottle to keep full so that they are reminded to take sips.

Eat With Them

When it comes to making sure that your elderly loved ones are getting the nutrition they need, there is no better way than to eat with them.  Not only will you both love to catch up and chat about life events, but you can also be there to prepare their plate and monitor what they are eating.

Get Help

If you loved one lives alone and lacks the motivation or desire to cook a full meal on their own, you may want to consider hiring home health care in Philadelphia, PA.  These professionals will come out to take care of everything from their medical concerns to their meal plan.  You can also consider getting your elderly loved ones a meal service to ensure they are eating the proper foods each day.

These are some of the healthy habits and nutrition tips that all seniors should adopt to stay in optimal health as they age.  When you are concerned that you loved ones are not getting proper nutrients, it may be time to consider hiring some help in their home.  Contact Empire Home Health Care in Philadelphia, PA to hear about our home health care services today.

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