Five Everyday Habits to Improve Brain Health

Five Everyday Habits to Improve Brain Health

Five Everyday Habits to Improve Brain Health

As we age, our brains start to give up on us.  They make us forget things, move slowly, and maybe even lose some of our memories.  To combat the effects of aging on our brains, it is important to keep them active and in as good condition as we can.  When you are caring for your loved ones, you need to implement these habits in their everyday lifestyle.  If the demands of caregiving become too tedious, you can always ask for help from the professionals in home health care in Philadelphia, PA.  We put health and caregiving above all else.  These are a few habits that have been proven to improve brain health.

Get Quality Sleep

The benefits of quality sleep cannot be understated.  This is especially true for those that are aging, as they will become tired more quickly, and they need to rest their bodies and mind for longer periods of time at night.  Poor sleep also leads to more cognitive challenges.  To combat these problems, you should aim to give your elderly loved ones at least eight hours of restful sleep each night.

Stay Active

Although it may be difficult for your loved ones to move around as much as they used to, you need to spend time encouraging them to stay active and moving.  Moving around will be healthy for their brains and their bodies.  Even movement as simple as walking can pump blood towards the brain, which can increase the cognition function throughout the day.

Get Your Vitamin C

Many people know Vitamin C helps to boost immunity, but it also has cognitive benefits as well.  Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants, which can alleviate stress and boost your mood.  It will fight stress, which can also improve your cognitive function.  Make sure to eat foods rich in Vitamin C or consider taking a supplemental vitamin if your diet is low in this vitamin.

Talk to People

Engaging in conversation with others can also improve brain function as you age.  By seeking social opportunities, looking for a group of likeminded individuals to connect with, and spending time with your family, you boost your brain and emotional health.  It can be lonely as you age, but you need to create social opportunities to stay connected and sharp.

Take a Break from the TV

When your elderly loved ones are bored, they may be tempted to sit in front of the TV for hours.  This habit can have negative effects on their life, and their brain health.  This activity does not stimulate the brain.  Instead, opt for some reading material to keep the mind sharp and focused.

These are a few everyday habits that can improve the brain health of your elderly loved ones.  When you are caring for your senior family members, you need to take extra steps to ensure they have everything they need while also giving them a healthy lifestyle.  Contact our experts in home health care in Philadelphia, PA to hear how we can help you take care of your loved ones today.

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