Five Cleaning Safety Tips for Seniors That Live Independently

Five Cleaning Safety Tips for Seniors That Live Independently

Five Cleaning Safety Tips for Seniors That Live Independently

Keeping your elderly loved ones safe when they live independently in their home requires you to think about all the hazards present in the home.  It is important to remember that their bodies change as they age, and this makes them more susceptible to trips, falls, and other accidents.  When they fall, it is easier for them to get injured because of their weakened joints.  As experts in home health care in Philadelphia, PA, we can take care of everything from medical care to personal hygiene and lifestyle.  These are a few cleaning safety tips that seniors should follow when they live independently.


When your loved ones live alone, they do not need as much stuff in their homes as you may think.  Take some time to declutter their space so that only the essentials and their needed belongings are inside their home.  Not only will this prevent things from piling up, but it will make it much easier for them to locate items when they need them.  Simplifying their lives is key to ensuring that they live healthy and happy lifestyles.

Come up with an Organizational System

In addition to decluttering their home, you should also spend some time organizing.  Develop an organizational system that will work for your senior’s lifestyle, and then teach them how to stick to it.  For example, you can set up bins in their fridge to help them prepare and plan their meals.  Organize their clothing for each season so they can find what they are looking for quickly in the morning.  Making their life easier start with organizing their home in functional ways.

Get Them Smart Cleaning Machines

Smart cleaning machines may seem too advanced for your elderly loved ones to figure out, but they are one of the best solutions for their needs.  Consider investing in a robot vacuum cleaner that can run each day to keep their carpets and floors clean.  Air purifiers are also great for keeping up with the air quality in their home, which can prevent respiratory issues from developing.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

If your elderly relatives perform their own cleaning, you need to make sure that they are not doing any heavy lifting.  Daily chores, like sweeping the floors and dusting the low shelves, can be done with minimal risks.  However, when it comes to rearranging furniture, organizing large bins, and reaching higher shelves, you will want to keep them away from these jobs.  Offer to take care of these responsibilities when you are over to save them from a potential accident.

Clear Pathways

Always keep pathways, hallways, and walkways clear of any bulky items, bags, or piles of belongings. Removing all these hazards will prevent the possibility of an accident that can result in injury.  Take the time to rearrange furniture to make sure that all walkways are large enough to accommodate wheelchairs and other assistive walking devices that they may need.

These are a few tips to follow when you are cleaning your elderly relative’s homes.  TO prevent accidents and injuries, it is important to make sure that you clean their home in the right way.  If you are concerned about their health and safety in their own home, you may want to consider hiring home health care in Philadelphia, PA.  Contact Empire Home Health Care to hear about our range of quality cleaning services today.

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