How to Make Sure to Take Care of Your Elderly Relatives this Holiday Season

How to Make Sure to Take Care of Your Elderly Relatives this Holiday Season

How to Make Sure to Take Care of Your Elderly Relatives this Holiday Season

With all the challenges that we have faced in 2020, we are still continuing to make sacrifices to keep our loved ones safe and healthy during the pandemic.  This may mean that holidays will look a little differently this year.  While we can still provide home health care in Philadelphia, PA to your loved ones, we want to encourage many family members to spread the holiday cheer to their elderly family members during the holiday season.  There are a few ways that you can spread some cheer to your elderly loved ones even if you can't spend time with them during these holidays this year.

Send Cards and Pictures

There's nothing that elderly relatives love more than updated family pictures and cards from their loved ones.  When our nurses show up to their homes, our patients love to show us their new photos of their family.  Take the time to send them cards, messages, crafts, and pictures so that they feel your love from afar this year.

Call Them on the Phone

Sometimes one phone call can go a long way.  Take the time to check in with your elderly relatives and ask them how they are doing.  Tell them about any new updates in your life, and share any holiday gifts you may have received.  Talk to them about your family or your children, pets, or job.  Having a conversation will likely brighten their day and make them feel more connected despite their isolation.

Organize Virtual Events

Many people have become proficient in technology during this pandemic, including many elderly individuals.  If your loved ones have smartphones, devices, or computers, suggest hosting a virtual event to keep everyone together even when they are apart.  This is a great way to engage with the entire family and celebrate from afar.  You can listen to holiday music and watch holiday movies while enjoying the virtual company of one another.

Visit Their Window or Porch

If you are on strict guidelines to not be near your elderly relative, you should still take the time to visit them on the other side of the window or by standing on their porch.  You can still have conversations through the glass while keeping your loved ones warm and protected from any risks.  Seeing their faces smile will brighten your day, and the memories will stay with them for days.

These are a few things you can do to spread cheer to your elderly loved ones that need to stay home during the holiday season.  Keeping your family safe and healthy is always the first priority, but you will still want to show extra appreciation during the holiday season.  Even though you may not be able to see one another in person, you can trust that they are receiving the reliable and quality home health care in Philadelphia, PA.  Empire Home Health Care treats your family just like our own.  Contact us to hear about our quality services today.

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