Five Signs that Your Elderly Loved One May Be Battling Depression

Five Signs that Your Elderly Loved One May Be Battling Depression

Five Signs that Your Elderly Loved One May Be Battling Depression

This year has been difficult on everyone, but it has especially posed challenges for the elderly community.  As we take the precautions to protect our beloved elderly family members, they may be facing struggles of their own.  When they have home health care in Philadelphia, PA, they have all the medical attention they need, but they still may be lacking their normal social gatherings during the pandemic.  Be sure that you take the time to call and check in on your elderly loved ones during this time, as many continue to suffer from effects of depression.  There are a few signs that may indicate your loved ones may be battling depression.

They've Expressed Feelings of Hopelessness

Whenever your loved ones are feeling helpless or hopeless about everyday life, they could be suffering from depression.  Having a hopeless outlook may make them feel as though normal activities and responsibilities don't really matter, which can stunt their motivation or desire to interact.  This can result in them becoming withdrawn or purposefully avoiding activities.

They've Expressed Feelings of Worthlessness

Feeling worthless can also be a sign of depression.  If you notice they have been feeling guilty or worthless about their choices and lifestyle, you will want to alert their nurse from home health care in Philadelphia, PA to keep an eye on this behavior.  This can lead them down a path of self-hate, which can be prolonged and cause detrimental effects on their overall well-being.

They Are Constantly Tired

Sleep problems are also commonly associated with depression.  This can look different depending on the individual.  Some people suffer from constant fatigue that makes even the simplest task difficult to accomplish.  Others suffer from insomnia or difficulty falling asleep.  Both of these can have negative effects on your life, from causing them to not want to take their medications to not wanting to get out of bed each day.

They Have Increased Irritability

Are you set off by the smallest event or statement?  If you have been particularly sensitive and responsive to the actions of others or simply life events, you may be suffering from depression.  Irritability is a common sign that can cause a range of dangerous behaviors, like drinking or drug use, to combat these negative feelings.

You Notice a Change in Their Diet

Another sign of depression is sudden or drastic changes in appetite or diet.  Some people feel a loss of control and eat many foods that are poor in nutrition, and they often eat them in large quantities.  However, others may feel hopeless and instead eat much less than the required nutrition.  Both of these dietary changes can have lasting negative health effects that can lead toward diabetes, high cholesterol, or other digestive-related issues.

If you notice any of these issues when you talk with your elderly loved ones, you will want to alert their nurse in home health care in Philadelphia, PA.  They will be able to assess your family member to make sure both their physical and mental needs are being taken care of.  If you are looking for quality home health services for your loved ones, contact us to hear about our medical services today.

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