Five Services that Home Health Care Companies Provide

Five Services that Home Health Care Companies Provide

Five Services that Home Health Care Companies Provide

Are you looking to make sure that your elderly relatives get the proper home health care they need?  Are you a caretaker for someone battling a terminal illness?  There are many patients that require home health care in order to stay healthy, optimize their quality of life, or simply just stay comfortable in the final stages.  Whenever we see our patients for home health care in Philadelphia, PA, we tend to their medical needs and provide nurturing support for their situation as well.  There are many services that are common for home health care companies to provide.

Nurse Care

The most common service of a home health care company is nursing care.  Nurses will typically come to the patient's home to provide them with medication, wound dressing, pain control, IVs, and general health care.  Many nurses work well in this environment, as they tend to have a kind and nurturing bedside manner that keeps patients content and happy with their health care.  Whenever you require nursing care, your nurse will set up a care schedule for you so that you know when they are coming.


Home health care can also be in the form of therapy, whether it's physical, occupational, speech, or a combination of these types.  Some patients need assistance relearning how to perform their fine motor skills, speak fluently, or practice mobility after an illness or injury.  A physical therapist works with patients to help them regain mobility of their joints and muscles, while an occupational therapist will assist with teaching them how to perform basic, everyday functions.  Speech therapists work with patients to provide them with speech and language support.

Medical Social Services

Some patients require medical social services to be performed in their home.  These include counseling, locating community resources, and coordinating services.  If a patient has severe cognitive disabilities, a social worker may also serve as their case manager.  In this case, they will assist the patient and their family with coordination of many services that help them live a full and normal life.

Personal Care

Home health aides are popular for those that are aging or struggling with basic daily functions after illness or injury.  These aides will assist with basic personal needs, such as getting out of bed, bathing, and dressing.  Their services can become more specialized to tend to the medical nature of someone's condition for those that receive further training.


If a patient is bedridden or struggling with mobility issues, homemakers can assist them with their daily functions.  They can provide them with groceries, cooked meals, laundered clothes, and much more.  Homemakers are able to perform errands and other housekeeping duties to make sure that the patient is in a clean and functional home.  This falls under home health care because a clean home is also more conducive to positive health.

These are some of the most common services that many health care companies can provide for their patients and their families.  Whenever you or a loved one are in need of home health care in Philadelphia, PA, you'll want to trust us to take care of you.  Contact us to hear about our range of home care services today.

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